Adjuncts Celebrate!



NYT: Wage Protection Planned for Home Care Workers

This protection for Home Care Workers is long overdue.

Many Home Care workers receive the right to be recognized as public employees though subsidized government voucher programs. Many workers receive extremely low wages for their tireless work, often regarded as degrading or menial.

Support Home Care Workers in solidarity of their struggle.

Get Out The (Union) Vote! Day Five

We are fairing very well as more YES confirmations trickle into SEIU Organizers mobile phones and email addresses. Our projections for this vote have us winning by a few percentage points!

However, this will be a close election. Every vote to increase job security, secure parity with sister USNH institutions and negotiate for quality, affordable health insurance is dependant on votes cast!

Its On!


Our confirmations are looking better and better each day!

As your elections draws near to the ballot count, we know each and every vote counts in this adjunct election.

Adjuncts have only until December 12, 2011 to have their ballots marked and in the mail to the New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board. That’s why it makes every bit of difference for you to cast your vote as soon as possible!