Supporting My Teaching Habit

“I work two other jobs to support my teaching habit.  Because of this, I often find myself working during the early morning hours waking at 1 or 2 am to grade papers is not an unusual occurence during the semester.  I am committed to Plymouth State University and especially my students, but if I could afford to be even more focused and on campus, my students would certainly benefit.  Unionization would allow adjuncts to negotiate for stable employment.

For me, this would mean that both my working life and personal life would change- for the better.  I would be better able to provide for my family, and to grow as a professional. I would not have to take time away from my passion- teaching, to be able to pay the rent.

PSU prides itself on being able to provide learning opportunities for students that will enable them to enter the workforce and work with a sense of fulfillment and dignity- this is an opportunity that adjuncts should also be able to take advantage of.   I wish this for all of my students, and also for all of the talented, professional people who teach them.”

-Rebecca Alosa, Plymouth State University Adjunct Faculty, English Department


One thought on “Supporting My Teaching Habit

  1. Right on Rebecca! Every single adjunct at PSU would benefit from this union. It’s about time that you all stand up and demand to be regarded as the amazing professionals that you are. You must be compensated for the invaluable wisdom that you are bestowing upon the students at PSU.

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