Rent is Due

“6 Weeks left on my current Adjunct agreement, and next month’s rent payment is in question. With a Union, this wouldn’t be happening.”

-Dr. Krisan Evenson

Plymouth State University Adjunct Professor, Social Science

While many of us working as adjunct faculty members face hard times, for some it is more dire than others.  Talent and student evaluations notwithstanding, the instability of this kind of work has real consequences.  For the last year especially, and increasingly in light of the recent Occupy Wall St. protests sweeping our country, the US adjunct faculty community is feeling the pinch particularly hard.  The Chronicle of Higher Education recently included this blog in May 2011 on homelessness faced by talented academic professionals.  By the time my current agreement ends in December, the situation will not have improved over the intervening 7 months.


One thought on “Rent is Due

  1. My last final exam date is now less than 30 days away. No agreement yet for spring courses, but plenty of pressure from the bookstore to order books when the courses are not yet set. In addition, I have no agreement yet for a course set to begin January 3. I also have a late-breaking request for an additional course in the spring. Stay tuned…

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