$400 per Week

“Adjuncts at Keene State College make up to $500 more per credit than adjuncts at Plymouth State. I’m teaching 12 credits this semester. Teaching these same classes at Keene State College would add $6,000 to my pay for the semester. The semester is 15 weeks long. That’s an extra $400 per week.

What would this additional $400 change for me? I could spend that extra money on healthcare. I could pay my student loans without sweating. I could cease looking for work elsewhere. This pay increase would represent a significant increase in financial security for me. Keene State College adjuncts unionized years ago, and they made this change happen for themselves. We believe that a group of adjuncts, singularly focused, motivated to correct injustices, and determined to succeed, can make this change at PSU. ”

-Jay Knower

Plymouth State University Adjunct Professor, English Department


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