Solidarity Days


Solidarity Days will be held on campus TOMORROW and THURSDAY. We are asking all students, faculty, and workers on campus to wear a button or sticker in support of the Adjunct Union.

We will be handing out buttons and stickers all day today on campus in between the HUB and Hyde Hall.

On Wednesday and Thursday we will be at our information table in the HUB.

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community…Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and our own.” -Cesar Chavez

Join your colleagues in solidarity!


One thought on “Solidarity Days

  1. If our effort succeeds, no adjunct faculty at PSU will lose what they already have gained as to wages and whatever benefits they may have negotiated in isolation from the adjunct faculty as a body. Now, adjuncts teach more sections that do full-time faculty, so we certainly have arrived at a time when we can expect to enjoy the level of dignity and respect shown to our equals at Keene State College, who have unionized and gained from that.

    The gain extends to the university community. When we have collective bargaining, we can hope to take ourselves from second-class citizens to fully-supported citizens in our academic community.

    For instance, as things stand now, when the call comes forth that we put in our book orders for second term, adjunct faculty cannot comply. Adjunct faculty may not know until January that they will have February-start, second-term classes or what classes they will be. Some students choose sections depending on books needed. It puts them into a “lose out” situation when the adjunct faculty are not filing book orders in autumn because they can’t.

    As it stands now, departmental decisions about directions to take with courses may or may not reach adjunct faculty, some of whom teach a single section and spend only the time on campus required according to their contract.

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